Promote Brand Awareness

Aisle Sign Branding

Gain exposure of your brand every time an attendee looks down to see the aisle they are looking for in the Exhibit Hall.  Each aisle in the hall will have two floor clings designating the aisle number for that row.  A company logo can be added to the sign for highlighting your support of the conference.


Aisle signs are approximately 24" wide x 48" long.


Deadline for sponsorship artwork: March 20, 2019


Caricature Drawing Station

Drive traffic to your booth when you prominently display your company’s branding at the popular caricature drawing station in the exhibit hall where attendees line up to have free pictures drawn. There will be a sign acknowledging your support at the display, plus attendees must come to your booth to get their access ticket generating leads and booth traffic.  


Deadline to submit artwork to ASPHO: March 15, 2019.


Charging Lounge

Grab the attention of attendees and provide a great service! The charging station offers a branded kiosk or charging ports built into furniture for attendees to charge their devices and contains cabling or USB power which correspond to most mobile phones, tablets, and small laptops. The station will be branded with your company graphics and includes a surrounding comfortable seating area for the attendees to relax and network while charging. The Charging Lounge would be prominently located in the exhibit hall.  Price includes production and specialty furniture.


Deadline to submit materials to ASPHO: March 15, 2019.


Opportunities also available in a high traffic public area of the ASPHO section of the Convention Center, outside of the Exhibit Hall.



Charging Stations

Grab the attention of attendees and provide a great service!  A charging station offers a convenient area for attendees to charge their devices. Each station seats 4-6 individuals with cabling for most mobile phones, tablets, and small laptops. The station will be branded with your company graphics and placed in a high-traffic area. Price includes production.


Deadline to submit materials to ASPHO: March 15, 2019.


Multiple locations available!



Column Wraps

Present your marketing messaging on impactful signage in high traffic areas within the convention center. Half and full column wraps are available starting about 4 feet from the ground, continuing up about 6 feet.  They can be placed around any freestanding structural column in the public areas at the ASPHO areas of the conference. 

  • Priced from $45 per square foot. Price includes production, installation, and removal.
  • Deadline to submit materials to ASPHO: March 1, 2019.


Contact Rob Frey for a proposal.

Contact for pricing

Escalator Clings

Escalator clings are available for your company to display its message prominently while attendees move between meeting rooms and session halls. Escalator sets are in the Convention Center, with multiple choices between the meeting room floors and exhibit hall. Graphics on two outer or inner railings per escalator set.  Center runner clings available as well.  Multiple locations available.

  • Approximately $50 per square foot. Price includes production, installation, and removal  
  • Deadline to submit materials to ASPHO: March 16, 2020


Contact for pricing

Floor Clings

Get right in front of your target audience with this highly visible option!  Floor clings can be placed on the floor directly at the top or bottom of escalators that will take attendees between floors where educational sessions, Registration, and the Exhibit Hall will be located.  Clings may also be placed on the floor in corridors in other various high traffic locations.  Call for quotation.

  • Pricing includes production, installation, and removal  
  • Deadline to submit materials to ASPHO: March 15, 2019



Fun Run!

Gain great recognition associated with ASPHO's 6th Annual Fun Run at the Annual Conference.  Over 100 runners are now participating in this fun and healthy event which takes place on Thursday morning from 6:30-7:30.  Sponsors are recognized on the runners' T-shirts and on appropriate signage, in the pocket guide, and in the mobile app. 

Deadline to commit for acknowledgment: March 1, 2019


Graphic Meter Boards

Free-standing advertisements—approximately 84"h x 39”w and double-sided—will be placed in high-traffic areas of the convention center, offering a great opportunity to promote your company’s message and booth location. Multiple locations available. Price includes production, installation, and removal.

Deadline to submit materials to ASPHO: March 15, 2019.  Meter boards with artwork approved after April 1st are available for $1,800.


Click here to view the Graphic Meter Board order form (listed as Billboard Advertising).






Hand Sanitizer Station

Everyone in healthcare is conscious of hand sanitization.  The conference attendees are shaking hands with others all day long and will appreciate these hand sanitizer kiosks.  Free-standing branded structure and accompanying hand sanitizer dispenser.  Price includes production. Discounts for multiple stations purchased. 


Deadline to submit materials to ASPHO: March 16, 2019.






Put your brand on the lanyards that all attendees will use throughout the conference.  Imagine a sea of individuals walking around with your brand clearly identified and your support acknowledged for all to see.  Lanyards may be co-branded with the 2018 ASPHO Conference.

Sponsorship includes materials and production.  Deadline for submitting artwork to ASPHO: March 9, 2019.


Mobile App Banner Ad

Place a banner ad in the mobile app that attendees will see frequently.  Most attendees will be opening their mobile app many times a day to check session times and locations, plus other valuable information they wish to find.  Your message will be on a rotating banner ad on their access pages.

Your ad will:

  • Draw attention to your brand or message
  • Link to your dedicated landing page within the app where you can expand upon the message or to your desired URL
  • Provide valuable information on your company's display location or other company data
  • Provide an opportunity for a call to action
  • Be accessible for weeks before the Assembly and many months after the event is over

Optional multi-media streaming for $250.00 additional.  Ads rotate approximately every 5-8 seconds. 


A limited quantity of banner ads available. Price includes ad placement. 

Deadline to submit artwork to ASPHO: March 15, 2019

Click here to access Banner Ad order form.


See below to view ad specifications


Mobile App Enhancement Package

Add these enhancements to your company's listing on the Conference mobile app:

  • Multimedia Video Message: sponsor video is downloadable from the Exhibitor Profile   
  • Exhibitor Row Highlighting: background color draws attention to the sponsor's listing in the Exhibitor Directory.  
  • Green Package: Allows exhibitors to upload PDFs and logos  


Click here to access Enhancements order form.





Contact for pricing


Put your brand in everyone's hands!  Sponsor the Annual Conference padfolio provided to all attendees as a tool for them to take notes.  This branded padfolio will be taken back to the workplace to be used often and to continue the brand awareness long after the conference is over. 


Deadline to submit materials to ASPHO for production: March 9, 2019


Social Media Lounge

Provide a space for the attendees to relax and network together while being exposed to your messaging.  Free-standing branded structure and accompanying comfortable lounge furniture.  Area will include Annual Conference social media wall (Twitter) or other Conference related social media connections. This lounge area generates high activity levels throughout the entire conference.


Opportunity Details

  • Price includes production and specialty furniture with charging station
  • Deadline to submit materials to ASPHO: March 15, 2019.



Speed Mentoring

ASPHO will provide a Speed Mentoring space for assistance and networking with early-career development. This is an opportunity for attendees to network with leaders in the field through a series of short, focused conversations about specific questions.  ASPHO expects this area to be very popular with early-career attendees. The physical area will be branded acknowledging the support of the sponsor, plus acknowledgment in the mobile app for the conference.


Deadline for sponsorship artwork: March 16th, 2019


Tote Bags

Get maximum branding on the conference tote bags that most attendees carry throughout the conference.  Not only does each attendee see their bag constantly, but the impact is magnified dramatically with all of the bags visible during crowd movement.  The tote bags are typically taken back to the attendee's place of work, adding to the visibility.


Includes bag and production.  Deadline to submit materials to ASPHO for production: March 15, 2019




Wi-Fi Sponsorship


Wireless access is one of the amenities most requested by the meeting attendees over 4 days!  Sponsor the wireless access at the meeting and receive excellent visibility and recognition, including signage throughout the conference center, the pocket guide, mobile app, and in looped slides.  The sponsorship would include a phrase similar to “Wi-Fi sponsored by [sponsor's name]” accompanying any place where the Wi-Fi password access notation is posted, including the printed pocket guide. Sponsorship includes a custom splash page and analytics after the conference. Other additional benefits may be available.

Deadline to commit to ASPHO for acknowledgment in the printed pocket guide: February 9. 2019


Social Photo Booth

Looking to make a splash with attendees in a fun and interactive way? Lights, camera, action! Flaunt your branding with fully customizable vinyl wrapping, graphic overlays, animations, hashtags, backdrops, and more on this freestanding photo booth near the Exhibit Hall main entrance. Attendees can choose from still shots, 4-shot GIFs, and Burst GIFS (think Boomerang), then share to their favorite social networks, and to ASPHO's attendee Twitter feed. Your organization will also be acknowledged on signage and the onsite staff attendant may wear your company's branded shirt or hat. See the example below!  Your brand will have high exposure thruothgout the conference and long afterward! 




Deadline to submit your materials to ASPHO: March 29, 2019.


Super Hero Cut-Out Frame

The attendees become part of the show with your logo or message included. This popular attraction will be placed in a high traffic area where the attendees will line up to have their pictures taken to send to friends and for social media posting.  Your sponsorship acknowledgment will be included along with the ASPHO Super Heros imaging. Tension corner springs keep banners centered.  Face cutout holes are standard and cannot be customized.


Deadline for sponsorship artwork: March 20, 2019


Bronze Exhibit Package

This is an excellent package for organizations wishing for a physical presence in the exhibit hall, but also have the budget to gain additional exposure and acknowledgment throughout the conference.  The Bronze Exhibit Package includes:

  • a 10'x10' corner booth in the exhibit hall
  • a 6' skirted table and two chairs, ID signage, and basic carpeting for the booth
  • acknowledgment on conference signage and in the mobile app as a Bronze Level sponsor
  • Bronze Level badge ribbons for your attending staff

Simply complete and return your completed exhibit application form, indicating the Bronze Exhibit Package.