Featured Opportunities

Awards Reception Sponsorship

ASPHO award winners will be recognized at this high-profile reception.  The reception is considered a must-attend event by attendees, so visibility is premium.  Awards include the Distinguished Career, Young Investigator Awards, and Frank A. Oski Lectureship award.  Sponsor will be acknowledged in the event slides, pocket guide, mobile app, and event signage.


Deadline to commit to ASPHO for acknowledgement: March 15, 2019


Opening Reception (Exclusive)

The Annual Conference Opening Reception is highly anticipated by the attendees as a time to celebrate the profession with their peers, re-connect with acquaintances, and network with others in the field. 


Your exclusive sponsorship during this high traffic time will be acknowledged with:

  • sponsorship of all of the food and/or beverage stations throughout the Exhibit Hall during the Thursday evening reception with cocktail napkins and signage
  • Acknowledgment in the Program App and a push notification through the app with your message during the reception
  • Deadline to submit materials to ASPHO: March 15, 2019

Caricature Drawing Station

Drive traffic to your booth when you prominently display your company’s branding at the popular caricature drawing station in the exhibit hall where attendees line up to have free pictures drawn. There will be a sign acknowledging your support at the display, plus attendees must come to your booth to get their access ticket generating leads and booth traffic.  


Deadline to submit artwork to ASPHO: March 15, 2019.


Social Media Lounge

Provide a space for the attendees to relax and network together while being exposed to your messaging.  Free-standing branded structure and accompanying comfortable lounge furniture.  Area will include Annual Conference social media wall (Twitter) or other Conference related social media connections. This lounge area generates high activity levels throughout the entire conference.


Opportunity Details

  • Price includes production and specialty furniture with charging station
  • Deadline to submit materials to ASPHO: March 15, 2019.



ASPHO 2019

ASPHO has created key sponsorship levels to acknowledge important sponsors that wish to take advantage of packaged benefits to maximize exposure to ASPHO members and Annual Conference attendees.  The listing shown represents some of the benefits available and ways your sponsorship will be acknowledged.


ASPHO will create customized sponsorship packages based on your budget and desired impact!